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Sovereign Therapy Center has made the process of getting started convenient and easy with online forms and policies. Provide your information below and we will send you all intake forms needed to get started. These forms and policies can be completed and submitted online. Your access to these forms will expire 72 hours from the time of sending.

Once you have completed the intake form and uploaded all the required documents, we will contact you to schedule your requested appointment. Please note, evaluations will be scheduled within a 30-day window. Therapy appointments are based on availability and your child may be placed on our waiting list.

Only request this form if you are interested in starting the process at this time. Your access to the online intake form will expire in a short time from the date sent and the system will automatically ban the child’s name and associated e-mail address from accessing the forms in the future as a measure to further protect against SPAM.

In submitting this request, I understand that an intake form will be e-mailed to me in the next 48 hours. This form is unique to my child and access will expire 3 days from sending.

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